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San Francisco Inspiration

I took an amazing vacation last week! It was nice to get out of town for a bit and visit the fabulous city of San Francisco. I hadn’t been to SF in years, so it was like discovering a whole new place. For me, vacation means I get to paint my fingernails, eat a lot, drink a lot, shop a lot and relax a lot!

There are tons of places to see and try so I obviously didn’t hit them all – I’ll definitely be back soon! For me, going some place new always brings on intrigue and inspiration. San Fran is a creative mecca – there’s so much going on – everyone seems so passionate and dedicated to their craft whether its bread or candy or clothes. I came back with so many ideas – it’s overwhelming but super exciting! Here’s my list of what I ate and saw!


Aslam’s Rasoi: Awesome Indian food

Regent Thai: Cute and yummy Thai place

Nopalito: I loved this little mexican place – the food was really really good

Beretta: Super cool rustic Italian place – the cocktails are fab and the food was delicious – pizza, meatballs and gnocchi

Foreign Cinema: Really cool space – they show old movies on the wall at night – I went for brunch – drinks are good and food is simple but done well

Pizzeria Delfina: Loved this place – small and energetic and amazing food!

State Bird Provisions: We got in! This place is booked 60 days out but they save some counter seats for walk -ins! We got there at 5pm and waited 30min until they opened and we were seated right away! I was really, really impressed with what they do here. It’s a different and fun dining experience. You can order off the menu and/or add specials that they bring around on a cart or tray – dim sum style!

Hog & Rocks: Fun neighborhood spot with everything from oysters to charcuterie and paté! Its really good!


Bi-Rite Market & Bi-Rite Creamery: Definitely a must see! Bi Rite is a tiny little grocery store where everything is local. It’s cramped and charming and full of amazing stuff. The creamery is across the street and is known for the best ice cream ever. The lines are insane! I got the soft serve – salted caramel and chocolate swirl – hands down best I’ve ever ever had! Unreal how good it is! They change their flavors daily.

Miette: I loved this place! A grown-up, pretty and fancy candy shop and bakery. It’s seriously the cutest place in the world – I would live there in a second! They have some awesome candy from all over, and they make shortbread, chocolates, macaroons, cupcakes, cakes, etc. It’s done really well and is just gorgeous. The layout, the packaging, the attention to detail is impressive!

The Mill: Best bread ever!!! Soooo good!

Dynamo Donuts: All doughnuts all the time! Apparently there are lines to get these fresh – they have funky flavors and are light, sweet and delicious!

Craftsman & Wolves: Amazing, amazing place! This place inspired me the most – you walk in and feel the passion in the product. It’s stunning, well thought out and delicious! They take normal baked goods and make them unique and complex in the best possible way! A must see! I was amazed at the level of perfection, and yet they are so affordable – that’s difficult and admirable to do!

B Patisserie: Sweet and cute place with more classic French pastries

Tartine: I was super excited to go to Tartine in person – I’ve been a fan for years and love their cookbook, but I was a bit disappointed to find it’s more rustic and a little unrefined. I appreciated the products much more at the other bakeries I visited.

Feel free to hit me up with suggestions of must sees for my next trip!


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