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Indie Chefs Week at F&D

We’re so excited to host the first ever Indie Chefs Week at Foreign & Domestic on January 9 – 12, 2013!

For four nights, our kitchen will be filled with chefs from all over the country as they collaborate to create 8 to 21-course dinners.

Indie Chefs Week began as a way to create a dialogue that isn’t just online – it’s a face-to-face meeting of the country’s best young, aspiring chefs. They may not have a voice in the culinary culture that the public feels is glamorous. They’re not celebrities. They don’t have a big PR budget. They’re just hard-working chefs with great ideas, doing great things in their corners of the industry.

At Foreign & Domestic, we’re proud of where we’ve come from and where we are now. We’re excited to be able to provide a venue for these chefs as they cook the dishes that inspire them, that tease them, that keep them awake at night. We want to get people talking about what these indie chefs are doing out there in the food world, and we want to bring their food and ideas to Austin. We hope that Indie Chefs Week will spread out across the country, bringing together dedicated chefs to cook, collaborate, and inspire.

This January, Foreign & Domestic will play host to the first Indie Chefs Week – get ready, Austin!

Tickets and schedules are available at

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