Our menus change seasonally & with chef inspiration, please be aware that these menus may slightly differ when you arrive.

Last updated: 2.20.18




T-Th 5:30-9:30 F/Sat 5:30-10:30

gruyere  & black pepper popovers   8

venison tartare, dukka, poppadum, pickled yolk 13

beets & arugula, smoked walnut vinaigrette, feta 10

crispy beef tongue, watercress, mint, onion pickle, horseradish 9

sunchoke soup, candied hazelnuts, whey, & chervil 9

fried pigs ears & kale, habanero, orange, & sesame 12

duck egg & grains, quinoa, dill, sunchoke chips, sherry, beech mushroom 13



eggplant fettucini, fermented red pepper, dried tomato, fennel, whey farmers cheese 24

berkshire pork chop, roasted grapes, caramelized leeks, creamed collards  24

scallops a la plancha, heirloom grits, brussels sprouts, bacon 24

beef cheeks, potato pappardelle, charred turnip, sun choke butter 26

oyster mushroom risotto, acorn squash, brown butter, cipploini, & parsnip  24

burger & fries* cheddar,  green tomato jam, pickled onion 18                                                                                      add hen egg*   2


pommes frites & pimenton  5

root vegetables & apple 5

duck fat fingerlings & grana  5

creamed collard greens & onions  5



juniper pots de creme, buttermilk froth, cocoa nib, fennel merengue  7

strawberry buttermilk pie, meringue, pretzel dust 8


Nose to Tail Tasting Menu

available at dinner services only 4 courses/$42

Boudin Noir, sauerkraut, apple, & pickled mustard seed

Charred Beef Tongue, potato & beet salad, & cured egg yolk

Seared Lamb Heart, risotto rouge, glazed shallot, & watercress

Foie Gras Mousse, cherry jam & peanut glass


Sunday Brunch!

10:30-2:30pm Every Sunday!

gruyere & pepper popovers (2)                               6

lemon-poppyseed muffins                                         4

zucchini bread, lime crème fraiche                           4

cheddar biscuits (2) & onion butter                          4

beets & arugula,                                                             7
 smoked walnut vinaigrette, candied pecan,  feta

duck egg & grains                                                      8
soft egg, beech mushroom, sunchoke chips, dill

pancakes & peach jam                                             10
 peach jam & whipped cream

cast iron frittata                                                          10
kale, beet, sunchoke, mushroom, gruyere, herbs

f&d benny                                                                   12
focaccia, poached eggs, creamed greens, hollandaise

fried chicken biscuit                                                   14
fried thigh, sunny side egg, red eye gravy, lemon confit

44 farms steak & eggs                                               19
sunny side eggs, duck fat fingerlings, grilled tomato

burger & fries*                                                          14
cheddar, egg, house bacon, green tomato jam, pickled onion

eggs any style (2)                                                      14

fried potatoes, house bacon, brioche, blistered tomato


Items marked with * may be served raw or undercooked or may contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

All prices are subject to change at anytime and without prior notice.



Mexican Coke    4

Topo Chico   4

Organic Black Iced Tea  4


The Cyclist, session lager, preserved lemon, ginger beer 9


Session Lager Full Sail Brewing 7                                                                                                            
Pearl Snap German Style Pilsner
, Austin Beerworks 7                                                                 Bloodwork Orange IPA, Austin Beerworks  7                                                                                  Big Bark Amber Ale, Live Oak Brewing, Austin 7


macebo, loxarel, ‘amaltea’ brut nature cava reserve, penedes (’13SP)  12  45

pet’ naturel  

gamay, la rou qui tourne, loire valley (‘16FR) 15    58


nebbiolo, monrose, mamete prevostini, valtellina (’16IT) 60

merlot-pinot noir, loxarel petit arneau, penedes (’16SP) 12   43


hondarabi zuri, rezabal, ‘getariako txakolina’, pais vasco (‘16SP) 13   45

sauvignon blanc, zephyr, marlborough, (‘16NZ) 14   54

alvarhino-loureiro vinha de cuco,  quinta de ermizio, minho (‘15PT) 13   47

chablis, sebastien dampt, chablis, (’15FR) 60


carignan-valdiguie-syrah, ‘love red,’ broc cellars (‘16CA) 15    55

tempranillo, celistia, aire, catalonia (‘15SP) 14     54

gamay, ‘touraine’, thierry chardon, loire (’16FR) 13     45

montepulciano, cirelli, abruzzo (’16IT) 14     48

carignan-cinsault, ‘la demmarrante rouge’, maxime magnon, vin de pays (‘14FR) 65


tannat, alcyone, atlantida, Uruguay 12

All of our wines are biodynamic and/or organic. We support sustainable, family-owned wineries whenever possible.


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