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Our menus change seasonally & with chef inspiration, please be aware that these menus may slightly differ when you arrive.

Last updated: 11.29.19


t-th 5:30-9:30 f/sat 5:30-10:30

gruyere &black pepper popovers                               8

charred onion butter

texas honeycrisp apple salad                                     10
 ricotta, candied pecans, herbs, & smoked pecan vinaigrette 

kale & butternut salad                                                   11
pickled red onion, pine nut, &pomegranate

44 farms steak tartare*                                                13
tri-tip, capers, pickled red onion, & foccacia                                                  

parisian gnocchi &koji butter                                 12/24
hifi oyster mushroom, mustard greens, &amaranth

red pepper campanelli                                           12/24
fermented red bell pepper, ‘nduja, corn, &capers




pumpkin risotto                                                          25
pepitas, pomegranate molasses, &pecorino

charred duroc pork                                                     26
sweet potato &smoked apple-miso butter

market fish*                                                                MKT
green curry, eggplant, tomatillo, &cilantro

a bar n ranch wagyu bavette*                                 28
fingerling potato, anchovy, &salsa verde

44 farmsburger & fries*                                           18

cheddar, rouille, green tomato jam, &pickled onion
                                    add hen egg* or bacon                   2

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3% will be added to the bill to allow us to provide health insurance to our full time employees.

If you would like to have this removed, please let your server know.


warm peanut butter cast–iron cookie                                  8
preserved strawberry jam & chocolate ice cream

green tomato pie                                                               7

milk jam &bay leaf-buttermilk ice cream


happy hour

tuesday-saturday 5:30-6:30

local beer 3.5

glass of wine 6

onion rings & buttermilk 4

red pepper zeppole & chevre  6

popovers & charred onion butter 4

pommes frites & rouille 4

44 farms cheddar burger 8

Sunday Brunch!


gruyere&black pepper popovers   (2)                  6

zucchini bread, lime crème fraiche                          4

cheddar biscuits (2) &jam                                       5

cardamom-cinnamon roll (1)                                               4


texas honeycrisp apple salad                                   9
ricotta, candied pecans, herbs, & smoked pecan vinaigrette

blueberry & lemon crepe                                          9
lemon ricotta & icing

pancakes & apple chutney                                             10
spiced apple chutney whipped cream


cast iron frittata                                                          11
squash, scallion, mushroom, tomato, gruyere, &herbs  

f&d benny                                                                  12
focaccia, poached eggs, creamed collards, &hollandaise  

fried chicken biscuit                                                   14
fried thigh, sunny side egg, red eye gravy, &lemon confit

    crispy pork &grits                                                    15     

berkshire pork, grits, tomato gravy, &sunny egg


beef tongue pastrami hash &eggs                           15
soft poached eggs, mornay, potato & sauerkraut

a bar n ranch steak &eggs                                       19
sunny side eggs, hollandaise, potato & onion hash

burger & fries*                                                          14
            cheddar, egg, bacon, green tomato jam, &pickled onion                                             

eggs any style            (2)                                                      14

duck fat fingerlings, bacon, brioche, &blistered tomato

Items marked with * may be served raw or undercooked or may contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

All prices are subject to change at anytime and without prior notice.

nose to tail tasting menu

available at dinner services only 4 courses/$42

veal sweetbread roulade, tomato-sherry caramel, & herbs

black pasta, goat heart bolognese & blood “bottarga”

seared lamb heart, risotto rouge, glazed shallot, & watercress

foie gras mousse, cherry jam & peanut glass


charred green bean&lemon           5
duck fat fingerlings &pecorino       5

creamed collard greens                    5



mexican coke 4

sparkling water, ATX 3

organic black iced tea 4

drip coffee, rutamaya, medium roast3

french press coffee 5

orange juice3


beer & cider

‘pearl snap’ pilsner, abw, atx  7     

‘bloodwork orange’ IPA, abw , atx 7      

‘black thunder’ schwartzbier, abw , atx 7      

‘big bark’ amber ale, live oak, atx  7       

‘berliner weisse’ live oak, atx 7       

‘stash’ IPA,independence, atx 7

‘convict hill’oatmeal, independence, atx 7                

 cidre francois sehedic, FR (750ml) 35



cava, amaltea, loxarel, xarello  (‘16SP) 12/46/90

prosecco, extra dry, domus picta, treviso  (IT)  46

txakoli, hondarrabi zuri, rezabal (‘18SP)  50

lambrusco,‘l’onesta’ emilia romagna (IT) 44

lambrusco, bianco, spumante, brut, cantina della volta (‘13IT)70

cab franc,rose ‘perles fines’ marc plouzeau (NVFR) 13/50

cremant, chenin blanc, chateau pierre bise, loire valley (‘15FR) 65               

     rose & orange

cinsault, papa frenchy, randy hester, west texas (‘18TX) 12/46     

pinot grigio,orange, bosco del merlo, veneto (’18IT) 54

grenache-cinsault, chateau peuch redon,apparente  (’18FR) 54

grenache blanc,orange, populis  (’18CA) 65

pinot grigio,orange, vigne del malina, friuli (’11IT) 86                   


verdejo, gulp hablo, parra jimenez (‘18SP) LTR 11/52  

muscadet,sevre et maine, sur lie, sebastian branger (‘17FR)  13/50

sauvignon blanc,‘vigne del malina’, venezia giulia (‘13IT) 13/50

schurebe-pinot noir,‘sprockets’ teutonic , willamette valley (‘18OR) 54

vermentino,‘sardo’, sardenia, tenuta soletta (‘16IT)  54

albarino, papa frenchy, randy hester, texas high plains (‘18TX) 60

romorantin, domaine des huards, loire valley, cour-cheverny (‘14FR) 62

colombard-chardonnay,martha stoumen, honeymoon, mendocino (‘18CA) 75

chardonnay,‘les pieds sur terre’, cotes du jura, valentin morel (‘16FR) 85

riesling, teutonic, ‘candied mushroom’, willamette valley  (‘18OR) 90

chenin blanc, ‘habit’, jurassic park vineyard, santa ynez valley (‘17CA) 95

chablis, chardonnay, charly nicolle le fourneaux, burgundy (‘16FR)  95

grenache blanc-clairette, chateauneuf du pape, domaine de la ronciere(‘14FR) 100


primitivo,polvanera, puglia (‘18IT) 12/46

corvina,domenico fraccaroli, valpolicella  (‘18IT) 12/46

pinot noir,mcpherson wine, joan ash (‘16AUS) 54

sangiovese,papese di papiano, romagna, magnum  (‘16IT) 13/116

grenache-viognier,chat fou, eric texier, st.alban (‘18FR) 65

cab franc,enlevement demande, nicolas reau, anjou (‘17FR) 75

syrah, method sauvage, blood + flowers, sonoma (‘17CA) 70

merlot,j’ai vu rouge, marula (‘18FR) 70

nero d’avola, martha stoumen,patatino nouveau (‘19CA)  75

pinot noir,riefle, ad quatrum, l’etofee, alsace (‘18FR) 65

pinot noir-pinot gris,minumus, ‘willamette red’(‘17OR)  75

burgundy,bourgogne rouge, sylvain bzikot, pere et fils (‘16FR) 78

cabernet sauvignon,collier falls, dry creek vineyard (‘14CA) 115

amarone,domenico fraccaroli, amarone della valpollicella  (‘11IT) 125

tempranillo,c.l.butaud, randy hester, texas high plains  (‘17TX) 122


muscadelle, rutherglen, topaque, pfieffer (AUS) 8/gls

All of our wines are biodynamic and/or organic in practice

We support sustainable, family-owned wineries whenever possible.


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