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San Francisco Inspiration


I took an amazing vacation last week! It was nice to get out of town for a bit and visit the fabulous city of San Francisco. I hadn’t been to SF in years, so it was like discovering a whole

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The Louvre

So on our last day in Paris, we finally made it into The Louvre. We had walked by it and taken pictures but were too busy exploring and eating to go in. It’s obviously an enormous place and would take

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For Billie – Pictures of Mommy & Daddy

This is for Billie – we just talked to her and she wants to “see” us in Paris. Emailing the photos is taking forever, so I figure this is the easiest way for right now! We LOVE you Beebs and

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Dinner Day 4 – Passage 53

After the amazing lunch at Spring we tried to walk it off. When we got back to the apartment there was no way I could sit through another meal, so Ned went to Passage 53 solo. Good thing because it

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Lunch Day 4 – Spring

We had lunch at Spring today. It was amazing. The restaurant is beautiful. Simple, refined with a few rustic touches, keeping the integrity of the space. There are exposed beams but they are covered by glass walls – it’s really

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Dinner Day 3 – L’Agrume

We spent our third day exploring Paris. We plan to eat our way through the city, so we are walking A LOT!!! The weather is cold but it’s just beautiful! We are so enjoying being in a big city again,

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Room Service for Breakfast Day 3

Edible Austin 2010

After researching for days and days (back in October) I found this adorable hotel for us to stay in. We rented an apartment for a week, it’s much more economical!! Like New York, Paris hotels are super expensive and not

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Day 2 Dinner – La Regalade

Dinner at La Regalade Saint – Honore was fabulous. It’s small, quaint and to the point. Solid food that is done perfectly. The pictures I took are not the best, sorry.  I’m no photographer and it’s a new camera, so

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Lunch Day 2 – Chez Omar

Chez Omar Came to us as having the best couscous in europe and maybe even the world. We both have to say that it was definitely the best we have ever had!

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If You Don’t Know, Now You Know Son!!!

Best Ever, let the pictures tell the story.

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